About me

Who ist that Mayer?


I’m Clemens Mayer

the mentioned MAYER in MAYER MAKES, and as the name implies ,I do make things, hence I’m a maker.

Born in 1987, which makes me a member of  Generation Y (why?) , raised in the eastern part of Austria (not Australia), my passion is tinkering and messing around with electronics and other stuff.

I build and consruct ,various electronic devices and non-electric things since my early days, and now is the time to show my constructions to the public

and my Social media Profiles

Maybe you have already met me at some maker events.
You will se me for sure at my booth at all the austrian Maker Faires, and sometimes at open Workshops and Fablabs around my area.

Most of the time I’m armed with my trusty Camera to put the maker scene and the Projects of myself and others in the spotlight.

Do you want to get featured in a new Episode of  MAYER MAKES ?

please contact me directly here.

Have fun browsing my Website

best wishes

your MAYER who makes…..MAYER MAKES ….you know what I mean right?