The Ducttape Warbird – do you even generate lift?

I had a big mouth and tried to build a plane just out of garbage and Tape overnight. this abomination is what came out.
At first I thought it was way underpowered, but actually the wind was very harsh and a few hours later the strongest storm since 2008 hit the area and caused massive damage. So maybe this warbird wasn’t that bad?

oh and the quote in the end translates like this ” what about you crank it up to full oommpf!?!?”

My first RC plane – a requiem

Starting to fly modell planes is not easy.
They all come down to earth..thats what I learned very fast.

This little Plane gave me a ton of fun and the realization that a broken plane just means an oportunity to build another one! The plane still exists in hacked and heavily modified Hangliding Camera holding Fashion, but I had no real chance to fly it that much.

build a Tape organizer – simple but usefull

Thats an easy to build project for all of you starting out in making things.

Little Easter EGG the 2-3m² of space you can see in the video, were my complete workshop back when i shot this Video in 2015 which was also my living room and my bedroom.

The Camera was set up on my bed! I really lived in my workshop due to my flats extremely small size.

giant RC Horten Wing Demo — will it fly?

Look at this Huge RC Horten Wing, designed after the never built giant Horten Nurflügel Transporter ,you could probably heard of in WW2 class.

A quick demonstration of the controll surfaces.

This huge hunk of foam did not fly that well due to a lack of weight in the nose department. but just as the originall it is more of a controlled glider towards earth than a proper plane. Maybe i give that another shot someday.
This one has found its hangar in the trashbin, but I salvaged all the usefull parts.

Quadcopter Rear lights can be very bright -beware!

This is the first test of the lighsystem of my homemade quadcopter…cover your eyes….

I used LED strips that were desigend to be submerged in water ( for aquarium accent lighting) ,which gives you somebenefits.

  1. the are waterthight and won’t burn out every time you submerge your quadrotor in the dirt.
  2. the are cheap as chips
  3. they are extremely bright
  4. they work directly hooked up to the pdb (11,1V 3Cell Lipo)

ATARI 800XL Teardown – see the innards of this Retro-Computer

The 8-Bit Line of ATARI Computers was very popular in the 80’s in the US but not among the european enthusiasts. This particular machine is a Fleamarket find in Austria (Commodore-Land), and was a pretty uncommon  treasure.
Take a look at the innards of the machine! I haven’t managed to get it back running yet it has some bad corrosion going on and i had no time to fix it for now..but someday it will be restored in some form or another…