We go PRO!! MAYER MAKES e.U. is born!

Thanks to the great support of the Maker community and the advice of fellow Makers and companies, I was able to turn my Hobby into a business.
MAYER MAKES e.U. is a dedicated advertisement agency  for the Maker movement and Startups.
My services are designed to enable Makers and Startups to get a foothold in the marketplace. Through MAYER MAKES e.U.  the services and products of big manufacturers and retailers get directly injected into the realm of their future clients.
My business already started with some great assignments, that I love to fullfill.

Let’s find out where this Journey  is leading….

PS: A first place to stop by  is the upcoming MAKER FAIRE HANNOVER!

REELY Dart Rod – Vom RC Buggy zum Hot rod

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RC Buggy sind schnell, hüpfen über Stock und Stein und lassen dich für kleines Geld Rennfeeling erleben. Als mir Conrad Österreich anbot, mich als Maker an ihrem neuen REELY Dart brushless auszutoben, schoß mir sofort ein Gedanke in den Kopf.


  Foto: Conrad.at


Foto: braintoad , wikimedia commons

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Visit Me at Make Munich

Visit My booth at Make Munich

on 6th & 7th May 2017, Zenith- Hall Munich Germany.
BOOTH NR 119 ( in the Fablab Area)
As the ” Generalist among Makers” – quote Salzburg Research ( Poster for MMF Salzburg) it seems that I get evaluated as equal to a fablab 😉

Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed by MAYER MAKES


Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed 
Have you ever wanted to recreate one of Ben Heck‘s projects in your own style?

I certainly did, and when I was given the opportunity to remix a project from the Ben Heck show, I had no time to waste.

I‘m Clemens Mayer , austrian maker and host of the youtube-channel MAYER MAKES (german language), which features content including electronics projects, 3D printing, reviews and maker community events and all kinds of DIY topics.

The video is in german but you can turn on english subtitles.

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