Maker Faires, Events & Milestones


FOUNDER OF THE MONTH – (January 2018) awarded by austrian mainstream Newspaper NÖN.

Maker Faire Vienna;
Vienna; Austria

Maker Faire Sachsen
Chemnitz; Germany


Best Of Industry meets Makers 2017 (20.9.2017)
Presentation of project NOACAM  in cooperation with Magna Steyr.

Certification as 3D printing Trainer, with excellent Success, certified by the austrian society of 3D printing

Maker Faire Hannover
Hannover;Germany August 2017

Mini Maker Faire Linz @ARS electronica 2017

Featured Maker at Maker Mondays

Guestblogger at the elektronics-Blogs of
Conrad Austria, DFrobot .com  and

Mini Maker Faire Steyr
Steyr; Österreich September 2017

Founding of MAYER MAKES e.U.
am 1.7.2017

One of my projects got featured in an online article of the amercian MAKE-MAGAZINE

2.Place at Klima-Aktiv Maker Challenge 2017

Palfinger Hackathon
Microsoft HQ Vienna; Austria 4.&5.März 2017

Maker Faire Sachsen
Chemnitz; Germany 22.&23.April 2017

Mini Maker Faire Salzburg
Salzburg; Austria 29.April 2017

Make Munich
München; Germany 6.&7.Mai 2017

Maker Faire Vienna
Wien; Austria 20.&21.Mai 2017


Maker Faire Vienna
Wien; Austria April 2016

Mini Maker Faire Steyr 2016
Steyr; Austria October 2016

Mini Maker Faire Linz @ Ars electronica
Linz; Austria September 2016