Featured Printers & Products

featured printers & products

These are the 3D Printers and products that will be featured throughout our Websieries in 2017.

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3D Printers:

  • Dreammaker Overlord PRO  (Plus)

ADelta 3D Printer, which comes ready out of the box, has built in  Auto-levelling and encourages you to do extra tall and detailed prints . The Modell  Overlord Pro Plus is financed through crowdfunding like it’s predecessor.


  • REPRAP PRUSA i3 Clone

A classic 3D printer and one of the cheapest options to start with. delivered as Kit this 3D printer demands its fair chare of time and effort from its new owner but gives you a very rewarding journy into 3D printing once you have gotten your feet wet.

Reprap project

TIPP: Do you want to get your homemade 3D printer featured? Are you a manufacturer or distributor of 3D Printers, Filaments or other products targeted towards Makers?
Please contact us we are always looking for more partners.


We are currently printing with  PLA- Filaments provided by :

  • DFrobot
  • generic Cheapo-Filament
  • Printament (Aprintapro)
  • RoboCell (Robox)


Additional Products:

  • Printafix Basic

Adhesion Enhancer for better adhesion of the printed part to the printers bed.

Aprintapro Gmbh

We are constantly updating this list, because there is an ongoing flow of pruducts that want to get reviewed or things we want to try.

Of course you are invited to comment directly on our videos to spread your opinion on the showcased products.