Beginner (3D printing Basics)

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Do you want to dive into the world of 3D printing and create your own Gadgets and Models? Yes?!
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MAYER MAKES gives you a helping hand to make your first steps, and also provides a resource for the enthusiasts that have “been around” because this Site contains tons of the Internet’s knowledge and gets constantly updated and improved over time .Together with us you will experience that 3D printing is not expensive but rewarding if you do it right.

Let’s Start at the Starting Grid

What exactly is 3D printing?
Wikipedia gives you the long version
And this is the short version:
3D printing is one of the computer controlled manufacturing processes, other then milling machines or lathes, which remove mass from a workpiece, 3D printers add mass to the workpiece.
They do this layer by layer.
There are Printers that use molten plastic ( Filament) the so called FDM or FFM printers, and there are also Devices that cure UV-sensitive resin with a Laser-beam or a projected UV-image, the so called SLA or SLH printers.
Those resins can be the printing material itself or may be used to bond powder together. The most sophisticated professional grade Full color 3D printers use the powder % resin method.

FFM 3D printers are the most common type around enthusiasts today.
You can buy SLA printers as you can FDM machines but keep in mind that SLA-Type Devices are commonly much more expensive and also the needed resin is not as cheap as the Filament for FDM machines.

Currently I only have access to FFM 3D Printers, but If I would get support by a manufacturer/ distributor of an SLA Printer, I would extend the SLA-Information on this site.

What do you need to get started?

  •  3D Printer
    • Which 3D printer should I buy?
  • Filament
    • Which Filament works best for beginners?
  • PC
    • Is my PC fast enough? Does a  Raspberry pi work?
  • Software
    • Free Open Source Programme or paid Software?
  • Patience or money
    • Kit or pre-built Machine?

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