Best Of Industry meets Makers 2017

This year I finaly decided to join “Industry meets Makers”. As soon as the  Kick-off-Event at the T-Mobile Center Vienna started, I was sure that I wanted to accept the Challenge of Magna Steyr, to create a Completely new entertainment device for the future of mobility.
A few months of hard work and great assistance by Franz Mayr , Head of Innovation; Magna Steyr, followed directly after the initial Event.

Despite some difficulties in developement ,I managed to finish a demonstration model (POC) in time.

On September 20th I finally had the opportunity to present my Project “NOACAM” to the public.

David Bohmann

Fotos of the Event can be found here.
the full Livestream of my Presentation can be watched  here. NOACAM is Pitch no. 3


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