Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed by MAYER MAKES


Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed 
Have you ever wanted to recreate one of Ben Heck‘s projects in your own style?

I certainly did, and when I was given the opportunity to remix a project from the Ben Heck show, I had no time to waste.

I‘m Clemens Mayer , austrian maker and host of the youtube-channel MAYER MAKES (german language), which features content including electronics projects, 3D printing, reviews and maker community events and all kinds of DIY topics.

The video is in german but you can turn on english subtitles.

Recently I had the chance to remix one of Ben Heck‘s latest projects, the Lunchbox Dev kit.
I gave it the austrian treatment by massively overpowering it, while completing the project on the lowest budget possible.

The MAYER MAKES version of the Lunchbox Dev Kit supports up to 10 developement-kits or single board computers at once, while providing various networking options.
It features a built in VGA screen with CFFL-Backlighting, which is converted to accept HDMI signals from the connected devices. It took 3 VGA monitors, to create one working unit, due to weird power supply failures and strange glitches.
Did I mention it consumes up to 450W ? No chance to run it on batteries as long as you want to be able to lug it around.
Element 14 provided the most vital parts, for example the power supply, HDMI converter, Beaglebone Black boards and 3d printing filament.
When the space inside the case got really tight, they saved the project with a very compact keyboard/mouse combo.

If i would ever rebuild this unit I would take the extra time and replace the CFFL tubes with LED backlighting to cut down on power consumption. Maybe 5 dev-kits at once would be enough for IOT-developement,and some additional storage for components could be useful.
I guess the Lunchbox dev kit may help with covering the world in IOT-devices whatever they may be good for. 😉

I would love to remix some more of Ben Heck‘s projects, like portable game consoles.Taking my spin on the junk keyboard, by digitizing a guitar or remixing the Nintendo-playstation prototype by actually building a game console that never was, but could have been.
With the Help of Element14 those ideas could turn into reality and great episodes.

What is your opinion on my remix of the Lunchbox dev kit?
Are there any projects you want to see remixed by MAYER MAKES?
Let me know on the Element14 community or social media:

Element14: @MAYERMAKES


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