Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed by MAYER MAKES


Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed 
Have you ever wanted to recreate one of Ben Heck‘s projects in your own style?

I certainly did, and when I was given the opportunity to remix a project from the Ben Heck show, I had no time to waste.

I‘m Clemens Mayer , austrian maker and host of the youtube-channel MAYER MAKES (german language), which features content including electronics projects, 3D printing, reviews and maker community events and all kinds of DIY topics.

The video is in german but you can turn on english subtitles.

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We are online!! Wohooo!

It was a tremendious amount of work, but MAYER is finally online and available to the public via these links:

Starting with NOW you can find Videos and Blogs about all things in making on this Website!
have fun sniffing around on the site for all the projects you wished for. All the Videos from last years season will be uploaded here and every single one gets an additional Blog that gives you more information and offers you the possibility to benefit from all the foreign language content on my Channel.

Keep an eye out for fresh content..which flows in very often, now you are one of Mayer’s makers.

Harden rotten or splintered Wood- with Mayer’s Woodhardener

Have you ever tried to restore some piece of old furniture and figured that certain parts were not stable , rotten oder showing decay and splinters?
Mayer’s Woodhardener rehardens your piece of wood and gives it back much of his strenght.

The recipe  originates in Bonsai. You know those little trees in pots that look like their giant brothers in the wild.

Well, I happen to be a Bonsai enthusiast for over 10 years. and this Woodhardener is usefull for other trades too.